picture of the SHS Norwegian Dancers performing on the grounds of the Wisconsin state capitol Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers

Stoughton Norwegian Dancers


The 2013 2014 Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers

picture of the 2013-2014 Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers

Directed by Staci Heimsoth, Dancer alumni class of 1985

The Seniors in this Year’s Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers

picture of the Stoughton High School Norwegian Dancers group of seniors

Hardt arbeidende barn og underholdende dansere!

The 2013 2014 Norwegian Dancer Keyboardists

2013-2014 Keyboard Players - Mara, Grace, Lindsey & Kristen

Emma, Josh & Kristen

picture of Emma Josh and Kristen

Emma’s bunad represents the Vestfold District and Kristen’s bunad represents the Nordfjord District

Patrick & Rena

picture of Patrick & Rena

Rena’s bunad represents the Østfold District

Zach & Cassidy

picture of Zach and Cassidy

Cassidy’s bunad represents the Dovre region

Ben & Jessica

picture of Ben and Jessica

Jessica’s bunad represents the Sør Trondelag Area

Travis & Sydney

picture of x and y

Sydney’s bunad represents the Old Valdres District

Mara & Isaac & Lindsey

picture of x, Isaac & Lindsey

Isaac & Jordyn

Jordyn is wearing the Vigra bunad from the Sunnmøre region of Norway

Jace & Abby

Abby’s bunad represents the Troms Area of Norway

Jacob & Macy

Macy’s bunad represents the Nordland region of Norway

Grace & Connor & Stephanie

Grace is wearing the Stoughton bunad
Stephanie is wearing the Sognfjord bunad

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